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A bride’s wedding day is typically a day she’s dreamed about since she was a little girl. Because the wedding invitation sets the tone for the entire event, Invitation Maven aims to make sure that your custom wedding invitation is just the beginning of the most important day in the bride and groom’s new life together.

It’s All About the Happy Couple

When the bride and I meet, I like to get a sense about her personality and her style. Who is she? Who is her fiancé? What attracted them to each other? Since wedding invitation is the first thing a guest sees about how the bride and groom interact together, it’s important to make a good impression and get them excited about the upcoming nuptials.

What Does Your Dream Day Look Like?

When designing your custom wedding invitation, it’s important to understand if the wedding is going to be simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, at a local venue or a destination event, a large party or an intimate affair? All of these elements go into the design. The wedding invitation not only reflects the bride and groom, but should reflect the celebration as well.

We Will Make Your Custom Wedding Invitation Come Alive

When thinking about the design elements of the invitation itself, there are countless possibilities that can reflect the bride and groom’s personal sense of style and taste. Metallic and shimmer papers add sophistication. Suede paper can show a bride and groom’s soft and elegant side. Ribbon and other adornments can reflect a sense of flair. Layering different papers can show that the bride and groom have different sides to their personalities.

Wedding invitation with ribbon accent
Laser cut wedding invitation

The Beauty Is In The Details

Perhaps the most important way to make a statement on an invitation is through font selection. A font can say “luxurious,” “modern,” “sophisticated,” “understated,” or any one of many other descriptions. Careful and thoughtful placement of fonts is essential to setting the mood of the invitation. I have hundreds upon hundreds of fonts to choose from, and each portrays a different feeling and state of mind.

Your Special Day Begins With Your Invitation

Your wedding begins as soon as your guests open your beautiful custom wedding invitations. It sets the mood, creates expectation and builds excitement for your special day. Start planning your special day now. Contact me online or call me at 424-666-1796. Let’s get started today.

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