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Welcome Baby With a Custom Birth Announcement

One of the biggest life-changing events anyone can experience is the birth of a new baby. It is a time that is both extremely profound and immensely joyful. And it’s an occasion worth celebrating.

What better way to announce the arrival of your newest family addition than with a unique and custom birth announcement? Whether you send a contemporary, sleek and modern design or a traditional and elegant letterpress creation, Invitation Maven seeks to create a timeless design to help you create a lasting memory, and to let everyone know that your new family member has arrived.

"In our family’s tradition, we name our children after relatives who have passed away and whose traits we want to pass on to our kids. One of my favorite things about my own kids’ birth announcements is that I got to share with all my family and friends the meanings behind the names we chose." -- Marlene

As you can see, your custom birth announcement can be much more than just the vital details of date, length, weight and gender. Your announcements can be an opportunity to share special memories and wishes for your child’s future.


When Is The Baby Due?

The big day is coming soon, and your bundle of joy will be here before you know it. Don’t add to the stress of life as a new parent by waiting until after the baby is born to start designing your custom birth announcements. Contact us online or call us at 424-666-1796. Let’s get started today.

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