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Invitation Services

Invitations for 75th birthday party

Not only does Invitation Maven design and create beautiful custom invitations and event decor, but we can help with many of the detail-oriented aspects of your invitations as well. You can help prevent “event overwhelm” by letting us do the work for you.

Completing Your Custom Invitation Suite

Once we’re done designing your custom invitation suite, there are other things you can do to complete the suite. From designing custom postage to complete the look, to allowing Invitation Maven to address, stuff and mail your invitations for you, we take the stress out of this final stage of the process.

Custom Postage

A custom postage stamp adds a memorable first impression that will let your guests know there’s something special inside the envelope. A custom stamp completes the package, but it really gets everything started because it’s one of the first things your guests will notice.

For a nominal additional fee, Invitation Maven can design your custom postage stamp for you and can help you place your order. Here’s what our Custom Postage Design Package includes:

  • Up to one hour to design a custom postage stamp from an existing design element from the invitation and place the order for postage on your behalf on choice of custom postage websites (,, or other website as directed by you).

The cost of custom postage is not included, however, for your convenience, Invitation Maven can have cost of the custom postage charged directly to a credit card you provide, and can even arrange to have it shipped directly to you.

Sample custom postage with initials "JB"

Invitation Addressing

Invitation addressing service

Take the stress out of hand-addressing or printing your own envelopes and let Invitation Maven print your guests’ names and addresses on the envelopes for you. Even if we don’t do the addressing for you, we are happy to provide you with an Excel template to help you organize your guest list. If you do want our help with addressing your envelopes, our Invitation Addressing Package includes:

  • Up to one-and-a-half hours to review data and prepare the file for printing; Invitation Maven will ensure consistency in data (e.g., that Street, Boulevard, Avenue, etc. as well as all state names are spelled out), and will fill in missing zip codes when possible, make sure titles and honorifics are input correctly, and ensure data will print on the envelopes properly.
  • RSVP Sanity Kit™, a personalized print out of your guest list with all of your guests’ names alphabetized and assigned Guest Numbers to assist you in stuffing and mailing invitations and tracking responses and gifts received.
  • Printing guests’ names and addresses on envelopes.

Stuffing and Mailing

As your party gets closer, the number of details you need to attend to increases. Figuring out how much each invitation costs to mail, making sure every envelope has an RSVP card inside, and preparing everything for mailing takes a lot of time and attention to detail...much more time than most people think. Don’t stress over this time-consuming task: let Invitation Maven do it for you! Our Stuffing and Mailing Service includes:

  • Up to one hour to go to post office to weigh your final invitation package to determine the correct postage and purchase appropriate postage (quantity and denomination).
  • Up to two hours to stuff and mail invitations to guests. Includes writing Guest Numbers on RSVP cards, ensuring that the proper RSVP card is stuffed into the correct envelope, affixing postage to the RSVP and outer mailing envelopes, stuffing invitations and inserts into envelopes, sealing envelopes and delivering invitations to the post office for mailing.
Invitation Stuffing and Mailing Services

Let’s Get The Party Started!

Let the Invitation Maven help you get your invitations into the hands of your guests. Contact me online or call me at 424-666-1796. Let’s get started today.

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