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Custom Invitation Design Process

Getting Started with Custom Invitation Design

Custom Letterpress Invitation

What is the custom invitation design process? Your custom invitations are going to be different than any other invitation you have received. The process for creating your invitations begins with the design process, which includes imagination, discussion, research, digital proofs, and usually a few rounds of edits.

We do not charge by the hour during the design, or for each digital proof, because it’s important to Invitation Maven that you LOVE your design. We don’t want you to worry about making edits or asking to see the layout a different way. So Invitation Maven charges a Design Fee for all of our custom invitation designs. It’s a flat fee that’s separate from the price of your invitations.

Some designs take longer than others to create because there’s more involved with the design process. The Design Fee typically ranges between $200 and $400 and varies based on the quantity of invitations you’re ordering, the style of your invitation, and the other elements you may need for your event. The design fee is paid at the start of the process and secures my time and availability to you.

The Truly Custom Invitation Process

A lot goes into designing your perfect invitation, from which papers and printing processes to use, to how to impart a particular theme or feeling through the use of fonts, graphic elements and color. Each and every Invitation Maven design is as unique as you, and the only way to determine exactly what you want is to take the time to figure it out.

Invitation Maven Design Process

Many clients do not know exactly what they want when we first start talking, and even for those who do, there are really no limits to what we can do. We work with you to create your perfect design. The first thing we do is spend some time together talking about your dreams and desires...your event plans, what you like, what you don’t like, and what’s most important to you. We also talk about what elements you’ll need in your invitation suite, and we talk about how much you’d like to spend. We’re great at figuring out creative ways to give you the look you want while staying within your budget.

Why Do You Charge A Design Fee?

Some clients ask why we charge a Design Fee. We do this because we are investing in you and in your event. We know you’ll love the finished results, but it takes dedication and time to get there. You’re not just ordering something out of a catalog. We spend hours and hours of time with each and every client to come up with your perfect design.

Basic Invitation Design Fee Package

Invitation Maven includes a lot of valuable services in our Design Fee. Our Basic Invitation Design Fee Package, which covers most designs, includes:

  • Initial Consultation in person or telephone meeting of up to two hours and preparation of detailed estimate.
  • Design time, up to four hours to create a complete Invitation Suite based on the concept we discuss during our Initial Consultation. A Custom Invitation Suite is typically comprised of the Invitation, RSVP Card and Envelope, Reception Card, and other inserts as needed.
  • Digital proofs, several if necessary, of up to two separate designs.
  • One design element from the invitation (Think of it as a custom logo, custom artwork, or a stylized “name treatment” for the guest of honor) provided as a jpeg or other graphic file format as requested (png, pdf, ai, eps, etc.). You can use this design element throughout your event, and can even share it with other vendors you’re working with.

The custom invitation design process is an exciting time. It’s full of expectation and anticipation for the event that will be here sooner than you think. So let’s get started today on your custom invitation design. Contact me online or call me today at 424-666-1796.

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