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When A Large Event Comes Together, It’s Magical!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working feverishly on an installation for a large entertainment client in the Los Angeles area where I live. I can’t share the name of the client or photos of the work we created at the moment, but I can share my experience working as a member of … Read more

Addressing the Invitations: Formal or Casual format?

One of the things my clients struggle with is how to address the invitations we’ve so painstakingly created together. I provide an easy-to-use spreadsheet to assist in the process, but as you enter the names in whatever program you use, think about how you want the envelopes addressed. The primary question you need to answer is: Is your event formal or casual? The answer to this question will determine how you should address the invitations.

Here are some examples:

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Bat Mitzvah Invitation: Traditional vs. Contemporary Challenge

I just had my first meeting with Leslie and her daughter Paige to start designing Paige’s bat mitzvah invitation. Most of my clients are either observant and want a traditional bat mitzvah invitation, or are more secular and want the invitation to reflect the theme of the party. Well Leslie and Paige want both. This … Read more

How to Survive (and enjoy) planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

I have a client who is planning her daughter’s bat mitzvah. She’s a lovely woman…she’s full of energy and she is very excited as this is her oldest child and wants things to be perfect. The bat mitzvah is six months away, but because her kids aren’t home right now (they attend sleep away camp), she told me she’s been “obsessing” about bat mitzvah stuff.

…like she was stressed.

Planning a bar or bat mitzvah is a lot of work. In addition to the invitations, there’s finding a venue, tasting the food, hiring a DJ, choosing a theme, buying party favors, arranging for other entertainment, dealing with out of town relatives, having to make

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How many invitations should I order?

I am often asked “how many invitations should I order?” Well, it depends, but you don’t want to order too many and have them left over. That’s expensive because you pay for every invitation and you shouldn’t order invitations you don’t need. You also don’t want to order too few and have to order more. … Read more

I’m giddy about my new invitation paper!

I just opened a box that was shipped to me today. It is full of paper for a few invitations I’m creating. And I am soooo happy! I LOVE getting boxes of paper in the mail. My husband isn’t so thrilled, since he usually picks the boxes up for me and they’re heavy and they … Read more