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Something different is exactly what you get

I had a meeting with a new client yesterday. We are designing her son’s bar mitzvah invitation. We spent a lot of time looking at different paper and cardstock options in a myriad of colors, as well as different fonts and invitation styles. But she kept gravitating toward two styles because, as she put it, “they are … Read more

Custom Wedding Invitations Across the World

I am currently working on a custom wedding invitation for a beautiful couple in Ontario…Canada. I live in Los Angeles. One might think that making invitations for people who live on the other side of the country, not to mention in a different country, can pose some logistical issues, but with the internet and websites, those issues are minimized. … Read more

Custom Invitation Designer at Bell Canyon Showcase of the Hall

So I was at the Showcase of the Hall event at Bell Canyon, California last Thursday. It’s a vendor showcase for people involved in all aspects of planning a party. There were decorations specialists, lots of caterers, DJs and entertainment vendors, photographers, and party planners, but I was the only custom invitation designer there. I received many compliments on my creativity, style and quality.

What was really amazing was that a few people came up to me because they noticed invitations they had received as guests. They commented on how beautiful they were. It feels good to make an impression that lasts over time. Not just for me, but more importantly for my clients. When people recall my invitation, they also

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Custom Wedding Invitations with a Natural Theme

I met the most wonderful couple today! Courtney and Jeff were introduced to me by my friend Alison and we hit it off right away. They told me that they’re looking for a wedding invitation to match the feel of their outdoor affair which is coming up this fall. Their wedding is being held at the lovely … Read more

Bat Mitzvah Invitation: Why make a prototype?

Now that Leslie has told me what her “dream invitation” for her daughter’s bat mitzvah should look like, I’ve got a lot to work with. She told me that she can’t wait to see the prototype. I’m guessing it will take about a week to make it, but I know she’ll be thrilled once she … Read more