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Your Event and Invitation Should Reflect Who YOU Are

Every bride and groom, every bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah child, and every honoree is unique. Your special event should reflect who you are. There is no reason why you can’t get creative and have fun planning your big event. The party starts when the invitation arrives, so why not start with an invitation that tells your guests exactly who you are?

Let me give you a few examples. 

Perfectly Purple Wedding

I had a bride a few years back who wanted to do some fun things at her wedding. One thing we did was incorporate a hidden image in her wedding invitation (can you see it?). The image represents an interest she and her groom shared. She also wore a purple wedding gown…and not just any purple, but a deep, rich, royal purple, kind of like the purple on her wedding invitation. At first you might think “a PURPLE gown?” But it was the PERFECT dress for my client because it reflected her and her husband’s personalities, and their sense of fun and adventure. And why not? This was THEIR wedding after all! And like her dress, their wedding invitation reflected exactly who they both are.

The pattern on this wedding invitation contains a hidden image. Can you spot it?

High Tech Designs

Last year, I had two clients whose sons both took personal interests in designing their own bar mitzvah invitations. Boys don’t usually get involved in the details of their bar mitzvahs, but I welcomed their input. Both bar mitzvah boys are techies and each has an online presence. One has his own You Tube channel you can subscribe to where he uploads fun videos as well as his own Instagram account ( The other boy has his own tech blog ( and contributes to it regularly, writing his own articles and product reviews.

Both moms wondered if using their sons’ designs in their bar mitzvah invitations were appropriate. To each I responded “YES! Absolutely! The bar mitzvah is about your son so let’s use THEIR designs in THEIR bar mitzvah invitations!” For Brendon, his invitation was designed with the look and feel of his You Tube channel (at the time). We used the same colors and the same fonts. For Drew, his invitation incorporated a logo, Star of David and background design that he designed himself using a program he learned about because of his interest in the digital realm.

You Tube Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Brendon’s bar mitzvah invitation mimicked the look of his You Tube channel.


Drew’s designed his own Star of David graphic and custom pattern for his bar mitzvah invitation.

The invitation sets the tone for the event and should reflect the personalities of who the event is for. And you can’t get that personal touch from an invitation you pick out of a book. Invitation Maven can help you create your perfect wedding invitation, bar mitzvah invitation or corporate event invitation and make sure it reflects YOU.