Invitation Maven

I’m giddy about my new invitation paper!

I just opened a box that was shipped to me today. It is full of paper for a few invitations I’m creating. And I am soooo happy! I LOVE getting boxes of paper in the mail. My husband isn’t so thrilled, since he usually picks the boxes up for me and they’re heavy and they aren’t for him, but I am just giddy!

And I’m giddy because it means I get to move to the next step in the process of creating the perfect invitation for my client!

The box I just opened is full of Plike cardstock. It’s called Plike because it’s “plastic-like.” It’s a great paper to work with because it’s very smooth (almost rubbery) and the colors are vibrant.

For one invitation, I ordered blue and red Plike. They are the perfect colors to match the Los Angeles Clippers team logo, which is the theme for my client’s son’s bar mitzvah. I also ordered black Plike because it feels somewhat like rubber, and matches the luxury car theme we’re incorporating into another design. On the black Plike, we’re planning to emboss a tire tread pattern into the paper; the rubbery feel of the paper will be a great compliment to the tread design.

I can’t wait to see the finished products! Want to see it when it’s done? I’ll post pictures soon!