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Zazzle Invitation Nightmare Continues

A few days ago, I mentioned the invitation nightmare with Zazzle that a client of mine was having. Well, it turns out that there is more to the story.

Today, several days after my client sent out her invitations, I received a somewhat panicked email informing me that her nightmare continued. It seems that the glue on the backs of the outer envelopes opened up in the mail. My client knows this because she received several blank RSVP cards in the mail a few days after she mailed them. Then, a few of her friends informed her that the invitations they received had been taped shut. But she didn’t send them out that way. And a few other friends told her that the envelope was not sealed or that the flap was ripped off.

So while I do like Zazzle, and while Zazzle claims to stand by their products, my client’s experience just shouldn’t happen. She should not have had any issues ordering the invitations on the front end, and the product she received should have been manufactured better. My clients receive my attention to detail, my personal customer service and my quality guarantee.