Invitation Maven

Zazzle Invitation Nightmare

I love Zazzle and I use them from time to time to order small quantities of personalized gift items and custom postage stamps. But let me tell you about a nightmare a client of mine is having with the bat mitzvah invitations she recently ordered from Zazzle.

My client found an invitation her daughter loved on Zazzle and asked me to bling it up (by adding a rhinestone), to design and print some inserts, and to address the envelopes to her guests. I worked with my client to determine exactly how to spruce up the invitation and offered my expertise on how to organize everything for mailing.

However, the manufacturer of the invitations my client ordered through Zazzle kept getting the order wrong. First they sent the wrong quantity of inner envelopes, then the wrong quantity of outer envelopes. Then they sent some invitations and party inserts, but not the complete order. Zazzle promised to get it right only to fail to follow through as promised.

She never did receive all of her printed RSVP envelopes, and in the end, my client gave up and instead asked me to print some replacement RSVP envelopes for her…that she bought after already purchasing some from Zazzle. I was happy to assist her however I could and at least made one part of her invitation nightmare more bearable.