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Bat Mitzvah Invitation — Repeat Customer On A Budget

It’s rewarding when a family is so happy with the invitations I’ve made for them in the past that they include me on the planning of a new, upcoming event.

I’m working with a repeat customer for her daughter’s upcoming bat mitzvah invitations. I created her son’s bar mitzvah invitations 5 years ago and I’m looking forward to working with this lovely family again. But the original estimate I worked out for her for the upcoming Bat Mitzvah is a bit out of her budget. That makes sense, though, because of the expensive papers and the intricate design she and her daughter chose, and the changes in the economy that has parents thinking more about their budget than they had in the past.

I want to work with her, though, so I’m going to see how I can rework the design to fit within her budget. Here’s what I’m thinking…

In the original design parameters, my client and her daughter asked for a cut-out star in the middle of the invitation, three layers of expensive metallic papers and matching envelopes, and a ribbon to tie it all together. One of the changes I’m going to suggest is to print the star instead. It will give a very similar appearance to cutting it out, but will save quite a bit on labor.

I’m also going to suggest a more clean design by forgoing the ribbon. And I think we should reduce the number of paper layers from three down to two, and instead bring in that third color by changing the ink color.

I think she will be happy with these suggestions…she and her daughter will still have a beautiful custom invitation, but it will be more within her budget. I’ll let you know what happens.