Invitation Maven

Why order custom invitations?

Invitations you order online and from invitation books are mass-produced, which is why they can sometimes cost less than custom, hand-crafted invitations. But you get what you see…there is little ability to customize them. You can’t pick and choose the elements you like from different invitations and put them together into “the perfect” design. Yes, you can personalize the details or change the fonts, but you’re stuck with the papers and design elements you see in the sample.

By comparison, when you order invitations from the Invitation Maven, you will get EXACTLY what you want. If you see a graphic element from one invitation but want to change the color scheme, I can do that. If you like the ribbon treatment from one invitation but the shape and papers from another, I can create an invitation that incorporates both elements. My job is to create “the perfect” invitation for your event.

I can work within any budget to design a unique and one-of-a-kind invitation that expresses your personality and sets the tone for your event. So “custom” does not have to be more expensive. To me it means giving my clients exactly what they want at the best price possible.