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Custom Wedding Invitations Across the World

I am currently working on a custom wedding invitation for a beautiful couple in Ontario…Canada. I live in Los Angeles. One might think that making invitations for people who live on the other side of the country, not to mention in a different country, can pose some logistical issues, but with the internet and websites, those issues are minimized.

In order to demonstrate the quality of my invitations as well as the range of papers and fonts I use and the styles I design, I sent this couple samples of invitations I’ve made for other clients. We then began a dialogue via email. My client sent me photos of invitation styles they liked anddescribed the elements they wanted to include, and I got to work designing their perfect invitation. Within a few days, I designed exactly what they wanted, and from that I could then make an actual prototype.

I am sending their prototype in the mail today! I can’t wait for them to open the package to see how their ideas have translated into the perfect wedding invitation. As soon as we finalize all the invitation details, I’ll post it in my invitation gallery.