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Custom Wedding Invitations with a Natural Theme

I met the most wonderful couple today! Courtney and Jeff were introduced to me by my friend Alison and we hit it off right away. They told me that they’re looking for a wedding invitation to match the feel of their outdoor affair which is coming up this fall. Their wedding is being held at the lovely Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, CA (, and they want to incorporate natural earthtones of green, brown and cream. These are not what first come to mind as your standard wedding colors, so the challenge will be to design with unconventional combinations of papers and inks to create their perfect wedding invitation.

Courtney and Jeff are having an outdoor wedding because they want a casual and intimate affair. They also describe themselves as eclectic. This opens up a lot of design options for their invitations. Not only do their preferred colors lend themselves to imparting an outdoorsy theme, but their invitation can also reflect their fun personalities and incorporate design elements that are a little different than the every day wedding invitation.

The beauty of a custom-designed wedding invitation (or any invitation for that matter) is that I can take elements that some may think would never “go together” and create an amazing design that is as perfect a fit as my clients. People like Courtney and Jeff would never be able to find what they are looking for in a standard wedding invitation book. No one would ever think to create such a thing, unless they knew Courtney and Jeff. During our meetings, Courtney, Jeff and I get to brainstorm. I then get to interpret their ideas into exactly what they want.