Invitation Maven

Bat Mitzvah Invitation: Why make a prototype?

Now that Leslie has told me what her “dream invitation” for her daughter’s bat mitzvah should look like, I’ve got a lot to work with. She told me that she can’t wait to see the prototype. I’m guessing it will take about a week to make it, but I know she’ll be thrilled once she sees it.

A lot of people are “visual” learners. I’m one of them. We need to see what we’re talking about. We sometimes have trouble imagining what the papers will look like together, or how the fonts and ink colors will coordinate with each other to give us the feeling we want in the invitation.

That’s why the prototype is such an important part of the process. Leslie will get to SEE, TOUCH and FEEL what the invitation will look like, and she will be the first one to experience what her guests will experience when they open the envelope to Paige’s invitation.