Birth Announcements to Introduce The Newest Member of the Family

Once a new baby arrives, the baby announcement should impart the parents’ hopes for this new life they hold so dear. Whether the baby announcement is whimsical or down-to-earth, dainty or elegant, contemporary or understated, the announcement should proclaim to all who receive it that “our baby is here and we’d like to introduce you.

We Will Make the Announcement Come Alive

When thinking about the design elements of the announcement itself, there are countless possibilities that can reflect the new parents’ personal style and taste. Metallic and shimmer papers add elegance and grace. Suede paper can reflect the new baby’s tenderness. Ribbon and other adornments can reflect a sense of excitement and joy. Layering different papers can show that this new creature already has different sides to his or her personality.

The Beauty Is In The Details

Perhaps the most important way to make a statement on an invitation is through font selection. A font can say “whimsical,” “baby girl,” “baby boy,” “practical,” or any one of many other descriptions. Careful and thoughtful placement of fonts is essential to setting the mood of the announcement. I have hundreds upon hundreds of fonts to choose from, and each portrays a different feeling and state of mind.

Your New Life Begins With The Announcement

The birth announcement presents your new baby to the world for the first time. Let everyone know your baby has arrived with style! Email me at marlene (at) and let’s get started!