Welcome the New Baby With Style

A baby shower is an exciting day in the life of a new mom-to-be. It’s a special time when friends and family can spend time together before the first few hectic post-baby months make the new mom disappear from sight. It’s a time to reflect on the past and look toward the future, and most importantly, it’s an opportunity for family and friends to welcome a new life into the world.

Preparing Mom for a Wonderful Journey

The baby shower invitation gets everyone excited about embracing this new life, and helps prepare the new mom for the most exciting journey of her life. The baby shower invitation sets the tone for the party, and helps get everyone excited. For the new mom, it helps make the arrival of her newborn child more than just a passing thought. It makes it real!

Planning an Event To Remember

When designing a baby shower invitation, it’s important to know a few things about the new mom and her baby. Whether the sex of the baby is a secret or is known by all, the color scheme and theme of the invitation can be geared toward the baby’s gender and party decor. Do you want to inform guests where the new mom is registered? You can include an insert with the pertinent information so guests will know where to shop. Will you be playing baby shower games? Your insert can request that guests come prepared for the fun. The options are limitless!

We Will Make the Invitation Come Alive

When thinking about the design elements of the invitation itself, there are countless possibilities that can reflect the new mom’s and the hosts’ personal senses of style and taste. Metallic and shimmer papers add elegance. Suede paper can reflect the new mom’s grace. Ribbon and other adornments can reflect a sense of adventure and wit. Layering different papers can show that the new mom has different sides to her personality.

The Beauty Is In The Details

Perhaps the most important way to make a statement on an invitation is through font selection. A font can say “whimsical,” “baby girl,” “baby boy,” “practical,” or any one of many other descriptions. Careful and thoughtful placement of fonts is essential to setting the mood of the invitation. I have hundreds upon hundreds of fonts to choose from, and each portrays a different feeling and state of mind.

Your Special Day Begins With The Invitation

The baby shower begins as soon as the guests open their invitations. It sets the mood, creates expectation and builds excitement for a special day. Start planning your baby shower now. Email me at marlene (at) invitationmaven.com and let’s get started!